Visionwriters International is a mentoring program.  Our students become facilitators (Visionkeepers, VKs) who take what they’ve learned and share it with others. Understanding is linked with our actions, so the best way to increase learning is to turn around and teach someone else. A Visionkeeper facilitates our vision and advances our mission using our specific class structure.

If you have loved being a student of our courses then you’ll find it easy to be a Visionkeeper. There are two prerequisites for becoming a Visionkeeper:

  1. Participation in and completion of a minimum of three Visionwriter’s courses – local or online.
  2. Agreement with the heart and spirit of: visionwriting (journalizing), the principle of the D.A.R.C., our statement of faith, and our vision and mission to eliminate from the world the ache of a silent God.

Once the prerequisites are met, the basic steps for becoming a Visionkeeper are as follows:

  1. Submit application for the Visionkeeper’s Leadership Training (application form below).
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation from your Visionkeeper (can be uploaded). After your application has been reviewed we will contact you with further instructions on how and when to enroll.
  3. The investment for VK Training is $40.00 total.  $15.00 for your manual and $25.00 for tuition. After payment, and when training begins, you will be given access to the VK Leadership  Training section of the website. The training course will include personal coaching throughout the training process, a weekly connection call with your class, and access to a private forum where you and other trainees can share insights and questions.
  4. Complete the four online training sessions within the requested time frame of five weeks.
  5. Complete additional assignments on time and return all forms requested by Visionwriters International before the end of your last session.
  6. Presentation of Certificate of Completion.

Please use the form below to submit your online application. After we have reviewed your application you will receive a return copy with personal feedback. You will also receive e-mail notification of the next available training and important instructions on how to purchase your materials. Once you have purchased your materials and the enrollment process opens, you will receive further notification to include personal access information for the private VK Training page and instructions on how to proceed.

We are currently providing personal VK Training via a mixture of online and email instruction, but training will soon be offered twice annually as an online course. Watch this space for more details!

Submit Online Visionkeeper Application Form

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1. We believe in the structure God gave to Visionwriters International. We have seen it become the guardrails that keep people “in the process” of learning to believe. Please study 2 Timothy Chapter 2 with an understanding of what it means to surrender to the life of Christ within. Share what you believe are the benefits of our strategy and why you are a good match for our program.

2. Every Visionkeeper should maintain the posture of a student. As a product of the product, you are a living example to others. We are not speaking about perfection but true love through accountability to the work the way we do it here. Write down your thoughts concerning your readiness to commit to this on-going process. Please expand your answer.

3. We take an uncompromising stand on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith so please carefully read our Statement of Faith found on our website. We believe that Visionkeeping is a ministry. An agreement with our Vision, Mission, and Statement of Faith stirs the inward call and generates a new priority – shifting the order or importance of other things. Remaining an active student, mentoring and coaching others, developing relationships with students, and maintaining a connection with Visionwriters International through forms and other communication methods are new priorities to be managed. What adjustments are you willing to make to find the peaceful rhythm that will make this ministry a joy? Please expand your answer and include a written response regarding your agreement with our Statement of Faith .

4. Please tell us what visionwriting (a.k.a. journalizing) is in 50 - 100 words.

5. What leadership positions (if any) do you currently hold or have previously held? Please expand.

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If you would like, you may also download the VK Training Application Form by using the link below.
Download Visionkeeper Application Form