About Visionwriters

We facilitate a believer’s natural longing to hear God personally and to grasp His Word in Spirit and Truth. The Holy Spirit is God’s abiding voice ~ revealing the mystery of Christ in us!
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Written Dialogue with God

God’s word is the basis of our dialogue with Him. As He weaves the Bible into our daily experience, it becomes clear that dialogue with God has been the missing link in many Christian lives.
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Safety Net

More than a study, we provide the safe structure that fosters discipline, accountability, relationship and community. We turn good intentions into positive action with a simple strategy for practicing His presence!
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Eliminating the ache of a silent God begins with you. Join a local class and find a new way to talk to God and to hear His reply. His voice brings hope to seemingly hopeless situations. One-by-one, the world changes.
Local Classes
An online class is a great alternative when a local class is unavailable. Small groups meet in a private forum to share lessons. Together we create a virtual community to eliminate the ache of a silent God from our world.
Online Classes
Remember the anguish of God’s silence? For a believer, it’s debilitating not to hear His voice. Are you ready to pour what you’ve learned into the hands of others? If so, then VK Training may be your next step!
Facilitate Classes

Student Quotes

This study has made me think about how often I tell God what He needs to do. I need to spend more time asking God what to do, listening and being prepared for his response and praying His word.
Karen S., Kansas
Journalizing has helped me to really think about some of my innermost thoughts; it has challenged me. It is refreshing to write down things to God or to hear from God. This has been most revealing to me this week. I do believe it helps you to become more connected to God. You speak of weakness, concerns, desires, and you tie this in with acceptance; it becomes alive to you.
Glen S., Kansas
Last night I started out with “I” this and “I” that. The Holy Spirit stopped me and said, “Start over. I will give you the words to write. When you read them you will know that they are Truth and that I wrote them not you.” By journalizing the Holy Spirit had the chance to tell me His truth about my life; truth He wanted me to know.
Cindy S., Kansas
Get started on a new life in Christ.

Ways To Get Involved

We need people to work with us through monthly donations.  Will you give financial support to help spread His Good News through Visionwriters? Please join our seeking of the Father’s heart concerning His solutions and provision.  Together we form His body; combining our resources may be the intentional choice that helps eliminate the needless ache of a silent God.
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As a mentoring program our students often become facilitators (Visionkeepers) who take what they’ve learned and share it with others. Understanding is linked with action, so we see more by sharing.  Learning is increased as we turn around and teach someone else. A Visionkeeper is someone who is no longer able to keep their new found freedom to themselves!
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Join others in a local or online class and discover the implications of Christ’s life and His limitless possibilities within yourself and others. Learn to listen to His Word and to write down what you hear Him saying.  Writing the vision in an accountable group brings a more accurate understanding of Christ as your life.
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Journalize, write the vision, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.  Embrace the structure that fosters discipline, accountability, relationship and community.  The world around you changes as union with Christ comes into focus and changes the world within you. One-by-one the ache of a silent God is eliminated.
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Word of mouth is great advertising.  You are living proof of God’s desire to involve Himself in a personal way. Everywhere you look people are fading.  They may be without God or even with Him, but without the experience of His companionship.  Please pray, listen to the nearby hearts, then share the reason for the hope that lies within you.  Let others know that God listens AND talks!
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