Word of mouth really is great advertising!  Journalizing to hear God’s voice has a profound impact on our ability to witness to others.  Many Christians experience condemnation because they lack confidence in sharing their faith.  It is difficult to share with others if we are still battling our own doubts!

Learning to hear His voice:

  • eliminates every doubt that He exists
  • instills confidence in our union with Christ
  • brings a transformed life into attainable focus

What we offer can help Christians can become the witness they have longed to be.  We can walk away from insecurity, legalism, religious guilt, performance pressure, or any other bondage as we recognize Christ on the inside.

If you have experienced the joyful relief of His Speaking Voice, then you are a witness of God’s desire to involve Himself in a personal way. Everywhere you look people are fading.  They may be without God or they may know Him but are without the experience of His companionship.  Spreading the Good News of the Gospel in a way that provides the hope of hearing God in a personal way is within your grasp.

If you are not ready to become a Visionkeeper you can still pray and listen to the nearby hearts; then share the reason for the hope that lies within you.  Let others know that God listens AND talks!  The Father supplies opportunities when our heart’s are ready to engage with others.