Visionwriters is here to accommodate your desire to hear God speak personally and directly to you. God is a communicator at heart and He longs for His people to ask Him the perplexing questions so that He can provide solid answers.

We provide a support system to safeguard the journey. We highly value God’s word, His desire for intimacy, and His ability to make sure you hear Him, regardless of past experience.  For many, Visionwriters has been more than a bible study, it has been the key to living a transformed life.

There are many great studies and insightful teachings in Christendom today.  There are also many terrific Bible teachers (including our own Jaque Shank) who offer startling insights, but Visionwriters offers something we believe is far less common.

We offer a structure and a strategy that facilitates your desire to hear God on a daily basis so that you can reach full stature in Christ.  We know that you have questions for God that you would really like answered.  We know you believe deep down that God can talk and that He can fill your longing for answers.  We know you don’t want to conform to the ideals of this world and that you would like to learn to think outside of a religious box.

Visionwriters is here to accommodate your desire to hear God speak personally and directly to you.  We will show you how to ask the real God for real answers and get them; we will guide you into being taught by God Himself and we will support you along the way. And you will know the peace that passes understanding.

Our strategy is woven into each of our bible studies.  We currently have 8 subjects addressing various aches…

  1. The ache for a true identity. Many Christians still don’t know who they are in Christ, proven by the quiet desperation in which they live. We need more than a good Bible study or teacher. We need God to teach us who we are. Yes, we need a deep down and personal revelation of Jesus Christ. This course is called, Miracle in the Mirror.
  2. The ache to know our true calling and meaning in life. People die for a lack of this knowledge and have no passion for the things they were placed on earth to do. This course is called, Hope and the Purple Onion.
  3. The ache to see what really happened at the cross. This ache keeps us wrapped up tight in religious “do’s and don’ts” which never relieve us of our tired and rebellious selves. God is a covenant God; understanding this and taking it personally makes His forgiveness a real thing in our lives. This course is called, Reflections in Righteousness.
  4. The ache to receive true answers from God—to know that the answers are available and will be given. This course is called, Prayer, the Power to Possess What You Already Own.
  5. The ache for living confidently in our own bodies and without addiction. Body consciousness steals God consciousness and peace. This course is called, Love, the Only Diet There Is.
  6. The ache for financial peace. God has an economic plan that works every time, but until our hearts are in it, financial peace will elude us. This course is called, God’s Money Heart Ways.
  7. The ache to understand God for who He is, not for what He did. The sovereignty of God is misunderstood or largely ignored because it’s scary. But it doesn’t have to be; the truth will set us free by solving the “trust” factor. This course is called, The Character of God.
  8. The ache for control, approval, security, and independence needs to be released so God can be God. This course is called, The Way of the Visionwriter, Your Key to Eliminating the Ache of a Silent God.

We approach God’s word as though spoken directly to us; we take it personally so we can enter the vastness of God’s kingdom. We practice commitment and surrender and discover God opening the eyes of our hearts until we recognize Christ in us ~ God’s mystery revealed.