Please pray for our very own Michael and Fawn Stephens (see ‘Meet the Board’ under ‘About VI’). Michael is currently helping with relief efforts in Haiti. This opportunity came about for Michael when the aviation missions organization, Helimissions requested that he go with them to help fly helicopters. Michael is God’s man for the job, he lived in Haiti as a teenager and developed a deep love for the people, the language and the country. This love coupled with his medical knowledge, his Navy rescue and helicopter experience, his recent training as a pilot and ultimately his passion for the Lord is what makes this opportunity for ministry so amazing for him.

He is currently running an orphanage while the director is away (approx. 150 children and receiving more each day), as well as overseeing the temporary hospital he has set up in the church of the orphanage with about 20 intensive care patients. He is also providing ground support for two helicopters, the helicopter he was to fly had some fuel line problems. He is okay, and working very hard.

The orphanage is completely overrun with children and badly needs help. Fawn will be flying in to join him Feb 6th for a couple of weeks to help out while kind folks at home look after their young children.
Please pray for safety for Fawn and Michael and that God would pour out His grace on the people of Haiti through them and their willingness to serve. The biggest need is for healthy leadership and organization. The country also needs a strong government to be brought up out of this catastrophe. Please pray specifically for a revival in this land and for the national religion of voo-doo to be renounced. Thank-you!

Here are a couple of links so that you can read and see a little more of what’s happening.
This is the organization that Michael is there with
And he is also working with Samaritan Air