The following courses uphold walking at a higher level with God than most have probably walked thus far.  Life altering, they introduce the daily practice of visionwriting (aka, journalizing) a personal dialogue with the One who lives in the hearts of every born again believer. The practice takes place within a simple structure and fosters Discipline, Accountability, Relationship and Community.

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Miracle in the Mirror
A Christian’s plague is the sin of unbelief. This course aids the heart to let go of that sin, thus eliminating the ache of a silent God. Miracle in the Mirror will help you know that you can hear His voice and experience His tangible presence every day.  You will realize as never before; you are a new creation in Christ.  Now go on and live it, walk it out, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind.
8 week course

Hope and the Purple Onion
This course is about vision and purpose; it compares the havers (having everything in Christ) with the have-not-ers (who don’t yet see what they have). “To him who has will more be given but to those who have not, even what they have will be taken away.”  Christ is the only hope the Good News offers.  Is He growing (exponentially) in your heart?  Your need to grasp Him is either met with hope or despair.  Everything has a purpose in life, even a purple onion.  Let Christ pursue His purposes in and through you and be filled with hope each and every day.
8 week course

Reflections in Righteousness
This course teaches radical, life changing faith in Jesus Christ.  Christianity has become a religion of do’s and don’ts for many who suffer under the crushing weight of what they “ought” to do for God. This course reveals the Gospel as many have never heard or seen it before, producing radical, life changing faith in Jesus Christ.  It magnifies the cross of Christ until we recognize what happened for us before we were ever born into this world. When we see Him, we will be like Him. As a matter of fact, He Himself will be our life.
8 week course

The Character of God
You will most likely start by thinking you know more than you know, but you don’t know what you think you know about God.  This course leads us to a higher revelation of God Himself.  It’s not about what He did, it’s about who He is.  His attributes unveiled will wobble your world, turn you inside out, upside down, and then stand you right side up.  Yes, it will shake you to the core as it changes your worldview for good.  In the end we think you’ll be glad you walked through this door.
8 week course

Prayer, the Power to Possess What You Already Own
Is there such a thing as unanswered prayer, or is it just aborted?  In one of his teachings Jesus creates a story about the faith of a widow who pesters an unjust judge until he gives her what she wants. Then He asks His listeners if, when He returns to the earth, he will find that kind of faith at work in their hearts. (see Luke 18). In this course we learn how continual knocking and seeking are required—not because God can be pestered into answering, but because we have an enemy working to intercept our inheritance before we get it.  God has already provided everything in Christ; therefore we mustn’t settle for less.  As it turns out persistence is the genius of faith.
4 week course

Love, the Only Diet There Is
Thoughts choose emotions, emotions regulate chemistry, and chemistry determines one’s physical condition.  Obesity is just one of many possible addictions.  In the case of obesity the addiction is to an emotional state experienced by eating certain foods under certain conditions at certain times, all of which are brought on by the focus of the attention.    God said He set before us life and death, and then He admonishes us to choose life.  The first commandment is His invitation to choose our addiction rather than letting it choose us, for we are going to be addicted to something.  Let’s get addicted to His love and let it eliminate the ache of an empty life.
8 week course

The Way of the Visionwriter
More keys to eliminate the ache of a silent God, this course will reveal that the keys to God’s kingdom are cloaked in mystery; they are hidden, not from, but for us.  You will explore what you do not yet understand and be given keys to open doors until, like the dawning of a new day, you will see Christ in you, and living as you, shining, alive, and as brilliant as the noonday sun!  This study employs the use of the acrostic: D.A.R.C. which, during this course, means Detect it, Admit it, Release it, and Communicate it. Keys, keys, and more keys!
10 week course

Visionkeepers Training
The best way to increase learning is to turn around and teach someone else. Students are more inclined to persevere and find satisfaction when they are engaged in doing. In contrast, passively observing somebody else do something slows the learning rate dramatically. Becoming a Visionkeeper is the next step for those who can no longer keep their new found freedom to themselves!
8 week course

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