Online Class

Features of an online class:

  • Facilitated by a Visionkeeper
  • Weekly audio messages in streaming format (not downloadable)
  • Private class forum for discussions
  • Coaching of weekly ‘Heartwork’

Typically, online classes are held to a maximum of 6 students.  Student enrollment is limited to one course at a time (online or local) to ensure a quality learning experience.

You will need:

  • An adequate INTERNET CONNECTION.  Cable, Satellite, DSL, or Fiber Optic are recommended.  A dial-up connection is too slow to stream the weekly audio message.  
(To enroll in an online class with the intention of using a dial-up connection may necessitate the purchase of the audio teachings.  If your connection is too slow to stream the weekly audio message, it may also be too slow to purchase download versions from our store – making it necessary to purchase the actual CDs in addition to the enrollment fee.   Please see our online store for prices.)
  • To PURCHASE a study manual.  You have the following options:

1.  If you already have a manual for this class, you may use your old manual – no purchase necessary.

2.  If you don’t have this study manual (or would like a new one), you may either purchase a hardcopy or an inexpensive downloadable version through our online store upon completion of your enrollment form (at left).  Please allow at least 3 weeks before your class begins for items to be shipped.

Note: You do not need to purchase audio teachings as you will be able to stream them from your online class page. 

  • To ENROLL by filling out and submitting the enrollment form on the left side of this page.  This lets your facilitator know that you desire to attend this class. 
  • To PAY TUITION: $25.00 per class.
  • To REGISTER as a user on our website to participate fully in our private online class forum.

** You will be directed to pay your tuition and register on the website once you fill out and submit your enrollment form on the left.