An online class is a nice alternative when a local class is not available in your area.  Interactive forums, discussions, and email correspondence work together to create a virtual community to help eliminate the ache of a silent God from your world.  Online classes are limited to 10 students which helps create a cozy learning environment.

Time for Him

Taking an online class with Visionwriters has the potential to revolutionize your interaction with the Lord.  It may require more time than other studies, but developing your ear to hear the Holy Spirit and positioning yourself to receive daily, written dialogue with Him is a time investment that will yield the greatest return.

How you budget the 24 hours of your day reflects your priorities.  Offering a given amount of time each day is the consistency that He will use to turn a little into much.   After a while you will master your time by living in the present moment (living from His rest).  Remember, friend…God is after your heart and will not settle for less.

Time for Others

In addition to the time allotted for your discourse with the Lord you will also want to participate in the private, online forum where the other members of your class are discussing journals and insights.  Your need for others is a God ordained characteristic.  Community is where the corporate ache is filled.  It is where you will begin to deeply experience your self-giving nature and where the whole is defined by the sum of its parts.

Take the Plunge!

If location prohibits, and you are not ready to become a Visionkeeper (facilitator) in your area, then take an online class or two.  You may discover your true self…and the longing to help others do the same!