Online ClassHow An Online Class Works

  • Get to know your fellow students: Please go to our private class forum by clicking on the Welcome/Orientation title under ‘Class Forum’ on the left sidebar. You can also access the forum from the Visionwriters home page under the Interact tab/ Forums. Please introduce yourself to the other students taking this course. This will help us to feel connected much more quickly! Tell us a little about yourself, where you are spiritually, and why God has led you to take this course. You’ll find more details in the first forum post.
  • Prime the pump: Read the Introduction, Orientation, and the Appendices in the manual before we begin our introduction week.  In the manual you will find a little of ministry founder Jaque Banas Shank’s personal testimony and some more information about how to journalize. (Some of the notes about ‘classroom etiquette’ etc will not apply in our online setting.)
  • Journalizing: When we begin journalizing please read the notes for Session One, Day One and journalize from the verses. Continue with Day Two the next day and so on.
  • Audio Message: At any time during the week, preferably near the beginning, please listen to Jaque’s audio message for that week’s lesson. Set aside an hour to focus. Listen to the song on our forum first to help calm and focus your mind on the Lord. Take good notes from the message; this often helps you to pay attention and to clarify what you are hearing. You may want to listen to the message more than once. You can also pause the message or rewind it by holding the mouse over the blue bar and moving it backward or forward.
  • Heart-Work: Answer the Heart-Work questions in your manual each week. Please fill them in on the online form provided below. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; this is where you get to pull together what God has been teaching you. The questions are for your own benefit.  You’ll be amazed at how this helps to stimulate and solidify your thoughts. Read the questions through at the beginning of the week so you know what’s coming and leave plenty of time to answer them.  It can be overwhelming if you leave them to do until the same day they are due!
  • Connection Calls: With our students all over the country, attending a local class together is not an option. To offer an invaluable time of connecting with one another, we are excited to be offering Connection Calls each week.  Because we know connecting in class together is the way we stay accountable and build community, our connection calls will give us an important avenue to bond as a class. It does require a bit of planning and sacrifice to make the calls a priority, but the blessings from attending the calls will, no-doubt, be refreshing for your soul. Please commit to participate fully each week to gain the maximum course experience. Connection Call times are listed on your class calendar & schedule.
  • Homework: As mentioned above, your Heart-Work questions will be due each week per the date and time of your class calendar and schedule.  Please also choose one journal from the week, and submit it at this time as well.
  • Coaching: Your personal coach will prayerfully read your responses and give you encouraging feedback. Your Heart-Work and journal will be returned to you each week via email.
  • Forum: Our online class forum is exclusive to you and your fellow students who have registered for this course.  Our online class forum discussion will enhance your online class experience exponentially. Please commit to participate fully each week to gain the maximum course experience. This is a big part of our accountability to each other in the online setting. Your post doesn’t have to be long or profound! Please read each other’s posts, make comments and encourage one another as we go. By doing this you give each other the gift of your presence, along with any insights, thoughts or questions you may have. We look forward to your input!

If you encounter any technical problems with the website, class page, or in downloading materials, please send an email with full details of the problem to