Online – Manual Monthly Donation

This option does not require a PayPal account.  Simply return to this web page each month and make your Withworker Pledge payment by clicking on the button below.

Online – Automatic Recurring

It’s easy to switch over from the manual payment method if you’d prefer monthly donations to be deducted automatically (PayPal calls it a “subscription”).  This is a hassle-free method but a PayPal account is required. The date of your first auto deduction payment will be the same date that PayPal will debit your credit card, bank card or PayPal account (your choice) each month (example: the 1st, 15th, or 30th of the month).  So make your first payment accordingly! If it is hard to remember to make monthly donations using the online manual payment method then the online auto recurring method may be a solution. Auto Recurring donations can be cancelled at anytime by using the form on the Contact Us page and specifying that you want to cancel a recurring donation. Is it secure to use PayPal? Absolutely. Paypal is the most popular Internet payment gateway. When you pay for a subscription using Paypal, your credit card number and other sensitive financial information is only kept at Paypal. That information is not passed back to us or through our website. Do I need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card? No. You can sign up for recurring payments using either your Paypal account or your credit/debit card.

Use the drop-down menu below to begin making your Withworker Pledge payments automatically.

My Automatic Monthly Giving Commitment