In addition to making a General Donation or becoming a monthly Withworker, there may be times when you will want to designate a donation to one of our special projects.  Other than our Helping Hand Fund (which is an on-going special project to help the needy within the VI community) our special projects will change from time to time.  Below is a list of our current projects.  Please prayerfully consider making a designated donation to the project that speaks to your heart.

Special Projects

From time-to-time Visionwriters is compelled to make our friends and supporters aware of special projects that could be advanced through special donations.  Special projects are one time costs that help to grow the ministry.  We seek to offer excellent service and valuable materials to God’s people that will help eliminate the ache of a silent God. We are careful to seek the proper use and management of each dollar. We strive to keep operating expenses to a minimum to maximize our outreach. However, we do not always have the additional financing available for advancement which means we look to you for added support. Our current projects are:

Website Development

Our website requires consistent work to remain relevant and useful for our ministry.  Specifically, at this time, we are performing a complete website re-design project to modernize our space and provide more effective, user-friendly functions.   Thank you for your partnership with us in this vital component of our ministry.

Helping Hand Fund

The Helping Hand fund is supported by designated donations from those who want to help others within the VI Community who are struggling financially for varied reasons.  Over the years, this type of designated fund has helped a single mom buy a much needed washing machine, a married couple during a temporary loss of income, a single woman to purchase a used vehicle for transportation needs, and a grandmother with childcare expenses for the grandchild she is now raising, just to name a few.  You have our thanks as well as the thanks received from those who have benefited from this humanitarian effort.  Thank you for your continued support.

Scholarship Fund

Your donation helps with financial assistance to those in the Visionwriters community who may be in the need for a blessing. This fund provides help in the form of scholarships for Visionwriter materials, retreats, or seminars.