No group of people are more vital in helping us to eliminate the ache of a silent God than our monthly supporters. Consistent monthly support is the collaboration that keeps our vision in motion.

A Withworker (WW) is simply you “working with” us. Your monthly support is the practical, tangible substance that allows us to facilitate people’s longing to eliminate every doubt that God exists.

How different would people’s lives be if they knew God cared enough to talk to them every day? How would their life change if they could hear Him for themselves and get the answers they need?

Our ministry provides a practical application that supports the practice of daily, written dialogue with God within the safety and accountability of a group setting. Our mission is to help others experience God’s speaking voice as their unshakable reality.

Please consider becoming a financial supporter. There is much to do. God continues to ignite vision; therefore He will supply sufficient resources and help. If your heart is with us, then your help is the help we need!

Listen to your heart. Is God aligning your heart with our mission? Do you want to help us eliminate the lonely feelings of abandonment that so many feel?  If so, please begin by submitting the Withworker Commitment Pledge below. This will begin our commitment together and allow us to keep you informed of what God is doing through Visionwriters International through your financial partnership.

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