Cindy Sheern – President

Cindy Sheern - Visionwriters President“I have been delighted to live in Kansas all of my life! My husband Doug and I have lived in Abilene, Kansas since 1979, when as a new Family Physician, he joined a practice here. We have reared our 3 boys here and now have 4 grandchildren, who love to come visit. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 8 years old and have been growing in my relationship with Him ever since. I have volunteered in various children, youth, and women’s ministries. I was a paid Associate and Head Youth Pastor as well.

“I met Jaque over 5 years ago because Doug and I were friends with her current husband, Glen. I soon was taking a Visionwriter study! Because of the life change I experienced in my own life, and saw in the lives of others, I soon became a Visionkeeper. I continue to see men, women, and even teens understand their identity in Christ in a more complete way. God has asked me to lead and encourage the current team of wonderful board members. I am thrilled because I know that God is using this tool of Visionwriting in an amazing way. He wants to expand our territory that people might be set free to be all that Christ wants them to be. Come join us on this wonderful journey!!”

Lee Bryan – Secretary

Lee Bryan - Visionwriters SecretaryLee is deeply grateful for the restorative grace and radical nature of the true Gospel message that God began revealing to her fifteen years ago through the ministry of Visionwriters. A mother of four and married 27 years to her retired Marine, Fred, Lee first began as a VW student in Jacksonville, NC and has carried it with her through many moves, becoming a Visionkeeper and recently coming to serve as the secretary for the ministry. She currently lives in Pennsylvania where she and her husband serve on the staff of a camp and conference center. She continues to expectantly seek and wait on God for His restoration and revelation.

Belinda Caldwell – Treasurer

“I fell in love full force with Jesus at the age of 34. Although I enjoyed a wonderful relationship with my Saviour for many years, after some long while, I found myself going through ‘a valley’ of religious works wondering where God was in my daily walk. I became bored with church, the bible and my knowledge of who I thought God was. My ‘valley’ lasted over a year during which time I met a Visionwriter who was eventually used by God to draw me into the class of Miracle in the Mirror. This was life changing. God started showing me how I had Him in a box and that He is way way bigger than I could ever imagine. He really became my closest friend through the tool of journalizing/visionwriting. I eventually became a Visionkeeper so that I would always have access to the Visionwriter courses, and although one doesn’t need Visionwriters to have a relationship with Jesus, the commitment and accountability that Visionwriters teaches has helped to grow a hunger in me for an ever closer walk with my Lord. Visionwriters International really does help to eliminate the ache of a silent God, for our God is ever present and longing to ‘chat’ with His children.”

Alicia Iles – VK Liaison

Alicia Iles - VK LiaisonAlicia is originally from Ohio and now calls Northern Virginia home. She is married to Brian, who is active duty Air Force and her son, Aaron, is currently active duty Navy. She was introduced to Visionwriters by Cynthia Thomas in 2011 while living at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central coast of California. Alicia had been praying for a friend when Cynthia knocked on her door and asked if she wanted to take a walk. It was on that walk that she shared visionwriting (journalizing) with Alicia. Alicia soon went to her first class and from there she fell in love with journalizing, took several classes, and knew that God not only brought a tremendous friend via Cynthia with that knock on the door, but so much more. Through visionwriting, Alicia was introduced to a new way of connecting with her very best friend — Jesus Christ. Learning who she is in Christ through each class led to tremendous joy in Alicia’s walk with the Lord, and He ignited a passion within her for sharing this ministry with others. Alicia became a Visionkeeper in 2012 and is grateful for the opportunity to coach others through this life changing ministry.

Kathy Schinhofen – Vice President

schinhofen-2An upbringing in alcoholic families had a drastic affect on Steve and Kathy.  They had no concept of healthy relationships and no skills for nurturing their marriage.  The Lord supplied two primary sources of mentorship and spiritual guidance–Visionwriters International and American Family Living. Intimate dialogue with God taught them how to talk to one another, fight fairly, disagree agreeably, and to walk in continuous forgiveness. God’s Word came alive and transformed their marriage. Today, Kathy continues to teach our courses and she and Steve teach a weekly marriage class in their church. As valued board members of Visionwriters International, Assistant Directors of American Family Living, and Pastoral Counselors, their practical skills for strengthening marriage are widely received.

Jaque Shank – Founder and Spiritual Director

Glen and Jaque ShankThe Founder and Spiritual Director of Visionwriters International, Jaque Banas married Glen Shank in January of 2009. More than two years after her husband Chuck passed away, she became Jaque Shank. Jaque and Glen live in Abilene, Kansas. Chuck and Jaque Banas established, supported, and enjoyed the structure that many vision-writers enjoy today.  Now Glen and Jaque Shank continue to support and enjoy what Visionwriters International offers.  Jaque still writes, speaks and trains others to “stand in the tower—a higher post of observation—as they wait to see and write what God wants to say from within them.”