It all began with an ache too big for words—an ache certainly not exclusive to Jaque (Banas) Shank. In the hearts of all mankind, no matter what race or status in life, there abides a sealed and indescribable ache which cannot be unlocked or filled with wealth, fame, ease, power or earthly pleasure. It is remarkably fixed into the constitution of every person by a merciful and loving God who constantly seeks it out. God sought, found and filled it in Jaque (Banas) Shank in the late 1970’s.

In the early 1980’s Jaque founded Visionwriters International with the realization that if she wanted to keep what she had she would need to give it away. True freedom in Christ is Jaque’s hallmark; she believes that every believer has the God given right to actually experience themselves in Christ. In the eyes of compulsory religion this right, when taken, may look like defiance; however rebels and free people have always looked the same to obligatory structure. While the rebel serves him or herself no matter who it hurts, a free person in Christ guards the right to be a self-for-others even the cost of being misunderstood.

Jaque is an articulate teacher and the primary author of the courses and lectures at Visionwriters. She has been tutored, credited, and recognized by several prominent church figures, but she honors the Holy Spirit as her primary Source and Teacher.

In the early 1980’s Jaque made several appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network where her work was introduced and received by many. Today she is known mostly through word of mouth and over the Internet. Here for every “whosoever will,” Jaque delights to watch as hungry souls are filled by the living One who rewards every earnest seeker with Himself.