Over the years we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and offer a few answers in the hopes of eliminating the ache of a silent God from your world.

What is a Visionkeeper?

1. Why does Visionwriters recommend a group setting (local or online) when taking a course?

Your growth from taking a Visionwriter’s course will be maximized in a group setting. The discipline of writing the daily vision of Christ in you, the accountability of sharing the vision in a small group, the relational healing that occurs by hearing God intimately, and the strength of community that results, cannot be taken for granted.

Can a person study the course alone and in the privacy of their own home? Yes! And a few will actually have the tenacity to stay the course and reap benefits. However, statistics show that most people need the energy that a group provides.

You do not have to go to medical school to become a doctor. You can study alone in a library, surrounded by medical textbooks for years, intern at a hands-on clinic, return to the library for more study, and gain enough knowledge to pass the medical exams required for becoming a doctor. Why don’t more people save themselves the college tuition and student loans? Because they need what a college offers! They need a structure that includes discipline, accountability, relationship, and community. People flourish in the presence of other people. It’s the way God designed us, and it really is that simple.

2. What is a Visionkeeper?

As a mentoring program, our students often become facilitators (Visionkeepers) who take what they’ve learned and share it with others. Understanding is directly coupled with one’s actions, so students learn more by sharing with others. The best way to increase learning is to turn around and teach someone else. Students are more inclined to persevere and find satisfaction when they are engaged in doing. In contrast, passively observing somebody else do something slows the learning rate dramatically.

A Visionkeeper is someone who is no longer able to keep their new found freedom to themselves! A Visionkeeper is a student who learned to receive by tapping into the true nature of giving.

3. I’m not ready to teach the courses myself, yet I want to share with others. What can I do?

The great part about becoming a Visionkeeper is that you do not have to teach the courses yourself. Each course has audio teachings taught by our Founder, Jaque Shank. After completing the Visionkeeper’s Training you will see how easy facilitating a class can be. A Visionkeeper is simply a friend and mentor in a small group of like-minded seekers. You get to be yourself…there’s nothing more enjoyable!

4. How do I become a Visionkeeper?

If you’ve loved being a student of our courses then you’ll find it easy to become a Visionkeeper. Please visit our Visionkeepers page for more information.

What is Visionwriting?

Visionwriting is . . . Journalizing

1. How do I know if I’m hearing God?
If we have our hearts bent on hearing what we want to hear, we’ll hear in error. With visionwriting we come waiting to hear His heart—what He wants to say to us, according to His will. If we don’t have this intention we are off the mark and will miss the way. If we say we are seeking His character and counsel, but we hold our own opinions in high regard, we will think God is directing us when actually our own ideals and opinions are. We must give the Word prominence by casting aside our “reasonings” and “preferences.” Even those things we think are good might be vain in light of His Truth. We therefore come to God humbly asking Him to repent our hearts from idols and to grant forgiveness and healing.

Any fear of error should be yielded to Him in faith. He is bigger than we are; He has called us into a living and thriving relationship with Him. Therefore, if our hearts are in earnest before Him, He will continually purge us. God is bigger than our hearts and will graciously cleanse and set us free.

Yes, we could choose not to risk hearing for fear of hearing wrong, but that would only bind us to error indefinitely. Isn’t it better to be willing to see the holes in our ship then to pretend we have none and sink? Whom the Father loves, He corrects and heals.

Allow God to be bigger in your mind than you are. He will lovingly correct. Remember that a moving vessel is easier to steer than one docked in the harbor. Move out in faith and dare to hear and record God’s words to you on daily basis. We promise; you won’t be disappointed, for how could the God who “is” not be your rewarder too? (Hebrews 11:6)

2. I don’t consider myself a writer; is visionwriting for everyone?
If visionwriting were about eloquence of speech or impressive twists of the human language then certainly it would not be for everyone. But it is not about the enticing words of men’s wisdom. It is about training the ear to hear and obey the voice of the Lord and value His fellowship. The focus is not to be on our ability but on God’s ability.

Do we or don’t we have the Holy Spirit residing within us? We do. And does He desire fellowship with us? He does. And has the Lord ever instructed anyone to write down His words? He has, and He trains us in the way we ought to go. He says, “Write, dear ones, write. Write until the Truth you hear is so plain that you can run with it. Write My words and let Me build a fire in your belly. Write, My little ones, from the least to the greatest, write, for I am all you need, and I am within you. So pick up your pen and listen to what I am saying within you… and write, write, write.” See Habakkuk 2:1-3 and Hebrews 8:10-11 for inspiration!

How each person visionwrites differs, no doubt, but whether or not they benefit doesn’t. One person may be a gifted writer, another not, but the truth imparted can be equally impacting.

3. I’m not sure I believe the Lord still speaks today. Aren’t the Prophets the only ones who can hear Him?
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the Prophet that speaks, lives and dwells within. The cross of Christ bridged the gap, closed the breech, healed the separation, tore down the dividing wall, and eradicated the sin that alienated us from Him. The cross of Christ gives us access to God, boldness before His throne, and the right to an audience with Him. Before Christ came only a few select prophets heard the word of the Lord; after Christ came we were all given ears to hear. In other words, His resurrection didn’t silence His voice; it opened our ears to hear what we’d always been deaf to. Now more than ever, we hear and know the Shepherd who calls us by name. Eternal Life is the Eternal “today” where He speaks, we respond, and live wholly devoted to Him.

4. My life is so busy, how can I possibly find time to do a daily journal?
It’s important to see that you have access to the same twenty-four hours in a day as everyone else. How we budget those hours reflects our priorities. A willing heart will allow God to open the eyes of your heart so you can see where the time for you and Him begins. Father will take the “little” you give Him and cause it to grow. The habit is more important than how long you spend in your journal. In a little while you will see yourself living in the present moment—entering His rest—and living the life of faith you’ve been called to. Remember; God is after your heart and will not settle for less.

What is the D.A.R.C.?

Dear Friends:

For nearly thirty years I’ve been trained by the Holy Spirit, my teacher and constant companion. In the beginning of my search for answers God met a desperate “Jaque” with clear instructions to begin a journey studying His word on the subject of identity. “You don’t know who you are,” He spoke. “You’re like a woman with a broom sentenced to sweep away eternal and returning cobwebs; it’s time to identify the spider.” After that the word in Habakkuk 2 was made “personal” to me saying, “Jaque, write the vision of Christ in you.” I was not a writer; nevertheless by faith I followed His instructions, and I’ve never—(not once since that day)—been the same. The Holy Spirit’s hand upon me (1 Chronicles 28:19) became God’s saving grace in my life.

“All this,” said David, “the LORD made me understand in writing, by His hand upon me, all the works of these plans.”

As time passed I was given a personal philosophy to follow that I might make straight paths for my feet (Hebrews 12:13). Today that philosophy is known in Visionwriters as the D.A.R.C.

Philosophy of the D.A.R.C.

D = Discipline

God’s discipline, sated with love, is our wake up call to righteousness. A renewed mind can’t grasp the revelation of righteousness alone; this revelation requires the heart to be awakened by the voice of His love. “Today if you will hear My voice…” (Hebrews 3:7-8). To hear with disciplined intent is to not only agree that God initiated a covenant with us, but to finally agree to fully and personally receive it. A long persistence in the right direction is required if we are going to ‘see’ the place to which God calls us to abide. We write the vision out of our deep longing to “understand” and then “do” what we see our Father doing.

A = Accountability

Each one of us is accountable for our own personal relationship with God as we bear it in front of others. Because we genuinely want to read so we can run with the vision, we surrender to the Holy Spirit and He leads us to what helps us sort out our thoughts and let go of what isn’t true; then we can integrate what is true into our hearts and lives. Here we begin to learn the freedom of open and honest relationships.

R = Relationship

Our relationship with God is central to everything and everyone. It is intimate, up close, and personal. Therefore we are ready to explore ourselves the way God knows us and to drop human judgment in order to receive others and encourage them toward the recognition of all God knows them to be. We are “response-able” as we proclaim the truth—here as “selves for others.”

C = Community

We need one another; God made us that way. So community is the place all things finally make sense—where God’s promises are realized—where the corporate ache is filled. As we operate in union with Him we lose ourselves and get nothing less than our true selves back. This is when we begin to deeply experience our self-giving nature and where “the whole is defined by the sum of its parts.”

I live as though I’m the richest woman on earth, for I am filled to the brim with His praise. I pray you are here because you want Peace to increase and emptiness to decrease. Welcome.

Jaque Shank

Founder and Spiritual Director

What can I expect when taking an online class?

Time for Him

Taking an online class with Visionwriters has the potential to revolutionize your interaction with the Lord. It may require more time than other studies, but developing your ear to hear the Holy Spirit and positioning yourself to receive daily, written dialogue with Him is a time investment that will yield the greatest return.

Coursework includes: daily journals, reading one chapter per week, and weekly “heartwork” (end of week overview questions) that are submitted to a Visionkeeper (online class facilitator) and coach (personal encourager).

Each day you are likely to spend 30-60 minutes journalizing, and more on days when He’s really got your innermost ear. Reading the weekly chapter and completing the end of week heartwork may require an additional hour or more at the end of your week. These estimates are given as basic guidelines to offer a realistic overview of time factors.

That being said, please know that as you offer a given amount of time each day, the Lord will use that consistency to turn a little into much. He will capture your heart. As the Author and Finisher of your faith He will have no problem turning you into a true student and seeker of His face. After a while you will easily navigate the mastery of your time by learning to live from His rest. God is after your heart and will not settle for less.

Time for Others

In addition to the time allotted for your discourse with the Lord and weekly study, you will also want to participate in the private, online forum where the other members of your class are discussing journals and insights. In time, your heart will be delighted to find every opportunity for logging in, gleaning from others, and sharing your own insights with the other students. The need for people is a God ordained characteristic and healthy connections become quite contagious! Community is where the corporate ache is filled. It is where you will begin to deeply experience your self-giving nature and where the whole is defined by the sum of its parts.

Go ahead, take the plunge! Sign up for an online class and begin to write the vision of Christ in you!