Journaling is widely used in the world today as a tool of self-discovery and self-transformation and to develop a relationship with ‘self.’ At Visionwriters International we do not support or take any responsibility for any spiritual experience that does not have God as its source, His word as its foundation, and His quality of faith (or the faith “of” God) as its result. Scripture tells us that when we believe in Jesus and accept His sacrifice for our sin, we receive God’s Holy Spirit, who comes to dwell within us. Being born from above in this way is a prerequisite to listening prayer and true inner healing. For this reason the tool of journalizing will be used correctly, only in the hands of those who are born from above (See John 3:3-6). We have the capacity to tune in to hear Him because as new creations in Christ we are a dwelling place for God. He has given us the mind of Christ and His Spirit within interprets His Word into our lives (See 1 Cor. 2:11-16).

‘Journalizing’ — the way we do it here at Visionwriters International — is not about subjectively delving into self-awareness based only on knowledge, experience and thought processes. It is grounded in a meditative reading of Scripture as the Spirit of God ‘works the earth of the heart.’ Journalizing is not an intellectual procedure; it is about listening to, and entering intimate relationship with the Spirit of the Living God within us. He is speaking, and the direction, insights, correction, and revelation we receive as we read His Word and listen to Him will be Truth. We develop relationship with our Creator King, not with our ‘self’ and we experience His love. Our strategy keeps us in the Word of God and this provides a safety net for who-so-ever will come and learn. Everything we put faith in as we hear and write must tie in with the whole of Scripture as found in the Bible. He opens our spiritual ears to hear, as we are faithful to combine journalizing with reading and living God’s Word.

It isn’t safe for anyone who isolates themselves from the body of Christ to claim they have a vision from God, for He keeps His lambs safe within “the fold.” This is why we recommend that if possible you find a Visionwriters class near you or sign up for an online class to experience the full measure of discipline, accountability, relationship and community facilitated by our courses. Together we desire the revelation that is His reward.