A Journal Submitted by:

Sara McDaniel

What made this journal precious to you?

I loved the way Father taught me and answered my questions in this journal. I also loved the phrase, ‘to honor is to guard the heart of another’.

What is the Scripture Reference for this Journal?

Call on Me when you are in trouble; I will deliver you and you will honor Me.

Psalm 50: 15 (Complete Jewish Bible)

You will call on Me and I will answer you. I will be with you in trouble, I will deliver you and honor you.

Psalm 91: 14-16 (Amp)

Here it is, Sara, honor works both ways. When you call on Me and live trusting Me, knowing I will never let you down, I come through for you. I am with you in whatever you go through and I will deliver you. In turn you honor Me, you are not suspicious of Me. I will honor you, I will not let down your trust. I consider it a matter of honor to uphold and protect those who honor and trust Me.

Father, what does honor really mean to me?

Sara, to honor is to guard the heart of another. It is to treasure their heart. I treasure your heart, sweet one, you are very precious to Me. I will not do anything to violate your heart. I will ALWAYS be faithful and true.

Thank you Lord, and I will trust Your heart always, no matter how things appear because I know that You love me and will guard my heart.

Sara, there is unity in this. No one goes against his own heart. You are the heart of my heart. I am the heart of your heart. We are as one heart. It’s in this oneness with me that you find your complete security. For if either one of us were to act against the other we would be acting against our own heart. It is from the heart that thoughts, words and actions flow so this is impossible.

But, Lord, sometimes I do what I know is wrong and act against my own heart.

No, Sara, that is the false self acting. The enemy is the one whose every motive is against your heart, against us, and especially against our union oneness. He cannot get to your heart because you are mine and your heart lies in oneness with mine where he cannot enter. But he can get to your mind—planting thoughts and hence influencing your actions which your heart deplores. This is why I tell you to take every thought captive into Christ. Let your heart rule, not your mind. Know who you truly are and live from the heart. Also look out for the hearts of others and honor and value them in spite of their actions or beliefs. Honesty is key.

Thank you, Lord, for talking with me today. I have so much to learn. Please keep teaching me! Amen.